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Just a little about Lila...

Lila hails from Sebastopol, a small town in northern CA full of cows, apple orchards, wine vineyards and hippies. Lila began her yoga journey in her mother’s womb and came into this world ready and determined to live a life full of singing, acting, dancing and yoga. 


Moving down to Orange County was a big change for such a small town girl, but Lila quickly became accustomed to Southern CA life, finding a home within the Cal State Fullerton Theater Department, graduating with a B.A in Theater Arts in 2009. Since then Lila has been fortunate enough to be working professionally in theater, film, commercials, and voice over, all the while enjoying profound growth within in her personal yoga practice!


A graduate of the Yogaworks Teacher Training program, Lila is thrilled to share her knowledge and love of yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment, intelligent sequencing and hands on adjustments tailoring a class to fit whomever walks through the door.


Lila is a firm believer that yoga is for EVERYONE no matter one’s shape, size, age, or flexibility and cannot wait to share her passion and love with all those who desire to tread the glorious path of yoga. 

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